Citrix Client (ICA Client) on 64-bit Ubuntu Linux

By Jorn van Engelen on Sunday, March 20, 2011.

At the time of writing, the ICA Client is only available for 32-bit Linux. This note describes how to get the 32-bit Citrix Client working on 64-bit Ubuntu Linux.

Tested on Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 x64.

Install 32-bit libraries

Because we are on 64-bit Linux, we only have 64-bit libraries. Install the 32-bit libraries with:

$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

Install 32-bit OpenMotif libraries

ICA Client needs the OpenMotif 2.3 libraries (often called OpenMotif version 3, or libmotif4). Unfortunately, Ubuntu 10.10 and earlier only have OpenMotif 2.2 libraries (often called OpenMotif version 2, or libmotif3). To solve this problem we use the OpenMotif 2.3 package from Ubuntu 11.04.

  1. Go to the Ubuntu package search.

  2. Under the header 'Search package directories', search for libmotif4.

  3. Choose the libmotif4 package from natty, version at time of writing: 2.3.3-5ubuntu1.

  4. Download the i386 package.

  5. Extract the package:

    $ mkdir libmotif4
    $ dpkg -x libmotif4_2.3.3-5ubuntu1_i386.deb libmotif4
  6. Now copy the libraries to /usr/lib32 (make sure they don't overwrite existing files):

    $ cd libmotif4/usr/lib
    $ cp -ivR * /usr/lib32

This should install which is needed by the ICA Client.

Citrix Client

  1. Go to the Citrix download page, and click in the 'Featured Downloads' box on the right on the Linux Clients link.

  2. Download the x86 client .deb for Debian based distros (e.g.: Ubuntu).

  3. Install the client with:

    $ sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture icaclient_11.100_i386.patched.deb

Note that the --force-architecture switch is needed because the package is ment for 32-bit, but we are on 64-bit.

The package installs the binaries in /usr/lib/ICAClient. The binaries you're interested in are wfica (use this to open .ica files) and wfcmgr (a manager for citrix connections).


Try using the Citrix Client, you might get an error about missing certificates (or something like 'You did not choose to accept the certificate'). In my case it was the 'Thawte Premium Server' certificate.

  1. Get a copy of the certificate. A good place to start your search is /etc/ssl/certs, else get it from the internet.

  2. Copy the certificate to /usr/lib/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts.